Friday, May 25, 2012

Through the Portal

Readers of fantasy, if they are honest, would admit that there are times they want to visit Middle Earth or Camelot or Narnia or possibly Hogwarts when the Death Eaters aren't in residence.
Portals to fantasy worlds being few and far between, one has to look elsewhere.
This past Saturday I found my portal.

I didn't find any fauns, hobbits, wizards or castles, but the trees seemed to talk and the water murmured and the breezes whispered.
And I want to go back someday.



Robin J. Steinweg said...

Beauty! If only you could have shot that deer that leapt from the thicket as we passed... oops--I mean with your camera, of course!

Great pics, Prude!

Lori Lipsky said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing...but I'm dying to hear where you were when you took these.

Susan said...

How beautiful!