Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A place for everything...

I recently discovered Robert Brault, who writes aphorisms, which are a form of epigrams. I love Robert Brault, maybe because he reminds me of my father.
Dad was the Epigram King. He had one for almost any occasion.
Of course you know an epigram is a BRIEF, witty, interesting phrase or saying.
You can remember ‘epigram’ if you know that teleGRAMs, because you paid by the word, needed to be brief and to the point.
It helps you distinguish them from epiTHEts–descriptive nicknames or terms such as Alfred THE Great or Richard THE Lionhearted, and epiTAPhs which are sayings on tombstones that you may read while listening to TAPS being played.

Here are a few of the sayings I was raised on, and they may give you some insight into why I am The Prude.

-The only difference between a cow chewing its cud and a girl chewing her gum is the intelligent look on the cow’s face.
-To be poor and look poor is twice poor.
-Man’s work goes from sun to sun but woman’s work is never done.

-Be not the first by whom the new is tried, nor the last by which the old is laid aside.
-A place for everything, and everything in its place.
-Start from the known, work to the unknown.
-This, too, shall pass.
-You never have a second chance to make a first impression.
-Share what you’re learning with people thrice, and you’ll find it’s yours for life.
-Don’t sit when you can stand, don’t stroll when you can stride.
-If you can’t say something nice about a person you aren’t trying hard enough.
-Commit all you do to the Lord. He will honor it.

If my dad had known about Robert Brault he would have added Robert's epigrams to his arsenal. Dad would have especially liked these two:
-Love may be blind, but this I’ll state–it’s eagle-eyed compared to hate.
-The young do not follow our preaching; they follow us.

If you have time and inclination, check out Robert Brault.  Because there is always room for one more good epigram.


Robin J. Steinweg said...

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness." Eleanor Roosevelt

The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on;
it is never of any use to oneself.

Thank you, Prude, for doing both!

Lori Lipsky said...
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Lori Lipsky said...


I did check out Robert Brault again. I recall you've mentioned him once or twice before.

I tried to post a link to Robert Brault's blog, but I'm not sure how to as a commenter. It is worth going to. I liked it!

Here's the site:

I must admit I enjoy a piece of gum now and then. My mom advised keeping my mouth closed when I chew:-).

bethBA said...

I grew up on about half of the ones you've listed. When I started dating my father forewarned me about those possible good night kisses with "Love is blind but the neighbors ain't."
Oh, and I chew gum all the time - maybe you've noticed?

Sue Vick Finley said...

Our dads were similar in this way. Many of my dad's epi...thingys are on my quote fb list.