Monday, October 17, 2011

Welsh Wail

The Prude will do anything to avoid the news today. She is pretending the torching of the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday didn’t happen.
But the world turns, and it is Global Village Monday here at The Prude Disapproves.
Duty driven, she searches the internet for some good news.
She needs someplace not mourning the loss of the Big Game.
Where would be a safe and cozy corner of the world with charming events to share?
How about Wales?
The birthplace of King Arthur, home of scones and fuzzy sheep, benevolently overseen by the Prince of Wales.
It will be the balm for this wounded baseball warrior’s mortified soul.

The Prude headed to ‘News of Wales’ hoping for–what?
Headlines on the discovery of Camelot? Shots of the Prince and his bride cavorting on hillsides amongst shepherds?

Certainly not
-‘Fire Service votes to cut 36 jobs’
-‘Police probe plane sabotage claim’
-‘Two hit men killed wrong target’

Add stories about vandalism to ancient landmarks, footballers who deny assaulting a woman at a hotel and safety concerns at coal mines and Wales is looking none too rosy.
As a matter of fact, Wales looks downright American.
Or French, Greek, Australian, Botswanan, Indonesian, etc. etc.

What is it about human nature that can’t seem to leave any portion of the world unsullied? Why do we mess up everything we touch? Why are we so blasted mortal?
Why couldn’t we leave Wales alone?

Of course The Prude realizes the same humans who love to destroy and sully and debase can also, when touched by Divine Grace, create and beautify and honor. She knows Wales isn’t any more hopeless than the rest of the world, nor any more immune to the ravages of evil.

But she didn’t know that the Welsh people ARE mourning the loss of the Big Game.
And though their beloved rugby team went down in a blaze of glory while the Prude’s baseball team exited with a whimper, the disappointment links fans in Wisconsin and Wales.
Tomorrow we will restore ancient landmarks, prosecute hitmen, prepare for the 2012 elections and clean up Wall Street.
But today, we mourn.

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Robin J. Steinweg said...

Yes, I was terribly disappointed over the loss, too.

Rugby may never be quite the same again.