Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Prude gets Pithy

The Prude has been known to be on the verbose side.
She is a bit wordy, a bit don't-use-12-words-when-18-will-muddy-the-waters-nicely.
She intends to keep her posts to the suggested 300 words.
But those 300 blossom and grow and have baby words and soon a post is burgeoning at 400, 407, 420 even.

Today, because she has a class to teach, and because she has pity on those of you kind enough to stop by here, the post will be pithy.

The Prude and her middle child hope the inventor of this glorious device:

Which makes awesome peels like this:

made a lot of this:


Lori Lipsky said...

You do have a way of making apples look yummy.

Suef said...

One pithy post of a peal!

Suef said...

...we will pretend that was supposed to be some sort of pun...!

The Prude said...

It works for me, Sue!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Amazing, Prude! You have 104 words (well, if you hadn't hyphenated half a sentence it would have been 114 words), and an apple peel longer than anything you've ever posted here.

Not to mention a handsome middle child.

Well done, as usual!