Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saxons Beware

If you are a Saxon living in England these days, you may want to invest in a piece of land on the continent.
The Red Dragon of Wales could start getting restless any day now and kick you White Dragoned Anglo Saxon types clear back to portions of Germany.

In case you don’t know the story, way back in the Dark Ages Myrddin Emrys (we know him as Merlin the Magician) was an innocent little boy with no father.
King Vortigern was a king who foolishly invited the Saxons from Germany to help him fight off the blue Picts from Scotland. In exchange he promised them land.
What he didn’t realize was that the Saxons wanted all the land. Every bit of Britain.
Someone gave Vortigern the bright idea of sacrificing a boy with no father and maybe Vortigern’s fortunes would reverse.
Enter Merlin.
Through some sweet talk, fast thinking and a bit of magic he avoided being killed. And showing remarkable grace in one so young, he didn’t turn Vortigern into a frog.
Instead he revealed a marvelous sight: 2 sleeping dragons who, upon awakening, began to fight. The stronger White Dragon chased away the weaker Red Dragon, so exhausted by his endeavors that he has been recuperating for 1500 years.
“BUT!” announced Merlin. “One day the Red Dragon, who represents Wales, will awake and drive out the White Dragon of the Saxon race and  Wales will be free!”
The Prude had opportunity to read up on Wales a bit this week and she guarantees, the natives are getting restless. The Red Dragon may be preparing to drive the White Dragon from its shores.
Unfortunately Merlin had no prophesy about the Norman invaders, Indian immigrants, Dutch and Belgian squatters or Middle Eastern newcomers.
It will take all the poor Red Dragon’s might to get rid of the Saxons.
Maybe in another 1500 years he can start in on the Normans.

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