Saturday, July 16, 2011

We are gathered here together...

What the photos don't show: it was so blessedly hot at rehearsal and even hotter for the wedding.
If you really want the full experience of the rehearsal and wedding you should be looking at these pictures while sitting in your oven
Sign language jokes are no fair to the rest of us
Baby brother of the groom
Buddy/brother of the groom
Danielle's dad is a pastor- they signed their vows
The beautiful bride the next day
Reception hall. That white sand is truly almost as cool and refreshing as snow
After the bride and groom left there was skeet shooting,
corn holing
Happy anniversary, Sam and Danielle!


Lori said...

Hard to believe it was so hot. No one is sweating profusely.
Thanks for sharing these photos. My favorites are the one of the lovely bride and the last one. No one else has a wedding photo like that, I bet. I think I even located the Prude in that one:-).

ScheltyDebate said...

So wonderful! It was very hard to have to miss this wedding last year, but we prayed that they would have a great 50 years as we celebrated my parent's 50th that day! :) Thank you for giving us a glimpse!

Lisa Lickel said...

How fun to share this...I agree with Lori, love the last pic. That one is awesome.

bethBA said...

This wedding remains as one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended - and I've attended quite a few!! The setting was so unique and beautiful that it made the heat tollerable. :-) The food was absolutely delicious - especially the dessert table!! It was a testimony of all the friends who love the Klumpers!

mom said...

Wonderful, Anita! What sweet memories you've captured :-)

Tammy ~@~