Friday, July 15, 2011

Dearly Beloved

This weekend The Prude's eldest and his wife will celebrate their first anniversary.
They were wed at the Prude's sister's farm on a hot July afternoon.
Rehearsal was Friday evening.
The Prude can't keep her hands off a camera once the sun sends those long, rosy rays out to caress faces.
She shares the proof with you below.
Eldest and fiancee sprucing up the place for the Big Day 
See where they missed a spot?  (The Prude's sister and family live in the church) 

Friends stripped their gardens for flowers
Groomsmen set up chairs. Note the conspicuous absence of shade
Enjoying rehearsal dinner
Sam trying out his signs on Danielle's deaf parents
Bridesmaid engaged in lively conversation.
The cows were rude enough to heed the call of nature during rehearsal so they were banished to the barn for the wedding
Musicians at the ready
Grandparents await their cue
The stage is set 
The bride and her maids will walk through this arch
Grandma and Gramps are seated. One of the 3 pastors and the interpreter warm up
Bridesmaid chatting with-
-her boyfriend
 The Prude took lots of photos. So she will have her first ever Saturday post tomorrow.
Come back, if you dare/care to.


Lori said...

Love, love the photos and captions. Keep 'em coming. I will be here to look for your Saturday post.

ScheltyDebate said...

So wonderful! Love them all! See you tomorrow! :)