Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Papa's Girl

A week or so ago The Prude wrote about the teen girl tendencies of the weather.
She has been driving us in the Midwest to distraction with her mood swings this summer.
But today is one of those days that her mood has swung to sweet and gentle.
She is positively gushing with goodwill and love toward humankind today.

To those of you at this moment enduring one of her ‘WAAAA! Nobody loves me!” squalls, or a blazing hot tantrum, we here in the Midwest apologize. We will think of you as we bask in her balmy breeze and warm smile.
We have to take advantage of this before she changes her mind.

So The Prude is letting you all off the Readin’, ‘Riting’ and ‘Rithmetic Wednesday hook.

She just wants to share one little tidbit of info she got from
The Book of Origins by Trevor Homer

‘The First Word
In the beginning was the word - John 1:1 *

After studying a thousand languages researchers in Paris have come to the conclusion that papa was the first word ever used. They discovered papa in seven hundred of the languages studied.’

The Prude will now leave the building and spend her time enjoying the glorious mood her Papa has coaxed from His Weather.


The Prude said...

In Homer's book 'word is not capitalized.
Out of respect for publishing rights I left it as lower case but believe it should be 'Word'

Lisa Lickel said...

Yay! Time off is good, especially when Approved.

mom said...

It WAS a beautiful day! YAY! And I love your flowers, Anita :-)

Tammy ~@~