Monday, April 9, 2012

A kinder. gentler, lazier Prude

How have you been? I am fine.
Please notice, in the above pleasantries,
that The Prude referred to herself in the first person.
Rereading some earlier posts, I found myself ready to strangle The Prude and shout, “Enough 3rd  person already!”

So, unless the situation just begs for a post written in the 3rd person (say, I am too cowardly regarding the topic to actually own it in the 1st person)
The Prude will be ‘I’.

Another change was also precipitated by rereading old posts.
What was I doing?
Thinking I had to post every weekday even if I had nothing to say?
Let me clarify.
I seldom have anything to say.
‘The Prude Disapproves’ is a trifling blog in a world filled with blogs of great importance that discuss weighty matters, or tell you how to make a good béarnaise  sauce.
But sometimes the trifles are worth sharing. They provide a little bling to your day.
But some of those old posts–yikes.
What was The Prude thinking? (I prefer to blame it on that 3rd person alter ego)
Therefore, if I have nothing blingy to say I shall say nothing at all.

Finally, I will be cutting the ‘Rithmetic’ part of Readin’ wRitin’ and ‘Rithmetic Wednesdays’ because, after some half a dozen mathematics posts I’ve exhausted everything I know on the subject. We will sub in Hist’Ry on a regular basis and retire ‘Rithmetic’.

And one more finally. ‘Global Village Monday’ and ‘Quirks of the Cosmos Thursday’ were too similar.  I am, with great courage, thinking of creating ‘Theology /Civics Thursdays’. (These will no doubt be the 3rd person posts.)

And I shall endeavor mightily to keep the posts around 300 words. This means you have permission to have quit reading app. 7 words before the end of this post.


A Circle of Quiet said...

You are a Prude with a Purpose!!! It is great to read here the 1st, 3rd or whatever voice. Missed you.


p.s. Just my humble opinion, but your delightful prose is worth more than the best sauce recipe.

Suef said...

I found your current Prude!!! I am a happy reader and always glad to read whatever blingy or unblingy words you have to share!

The Prude said...

Thanks Di. How are you doing?

Lori Lipsky said...

Oh, good. The Prude is back! Hurray!

I needed a good laugh today and got more than one with your post. The Prude hath pith.

I'm happy we'll be getting to know the first person Prudie and I'll be looking forward to the new Hist'Ry posts on Wednesdays. Terrifico.

The Prude said...

Sue, thanks for persisting. Come back tomorrow for a Bonny story!

ScheltyDebate said...

Hello! I am happy to see you back! :)

Tammy said...

So glad you're back! I missed you!

Cheryl said...

Good to see you are up and running again with modifications. Tweeking and twisting words and phrases such fun. Looking forward to many happy times of reading. :))

beth BA said...

Hooray! Thou hast returned!

The Prude said...

Thank you ladies! You made my day!

mom said...

Nice to have you back, Anita, in whatever person you prefer depending upon the day :-)

Tammy ~@~

Robin J. Steinweg said...

The Prude is back! Hooray! Offering a plethora of pleasurable posts in Person I, II or III--it matters not--I am glad you're back.