Friday, April 13, 2012

SInce I've Been Gone

No moss grew on me during my 6-week hiatus from blogging.
Nope, I was a rolling stone.
Here's how I rolled:
Went to a wedding in Kentucky

Visited Daniel Boone's grave

Photographed snow

Went to a basketball game

Took a long walk

Celebrated birthdays

I did

Watched my little friend Ann fly down a very long hill

Made a bling-y yarn wreath

Visited here

and enjoyed Easter Sunday in worship and then down on the farm.

It wasn't all play.  I also read and watched TV and frolicked with my dog. 
This just demonstrates that I am a very very busy (and moss-free) Prude.


Susan said...

My favorite photo is the "took a long walk". It looks so pleasant and peaceful.

ScheltyDebate said...

I appreciate that you all showed proper respect at Daniel Boone's grave by wearing classic black.


Lori Lipsky said...

I love this peek into your private world. It looks like you enjoyed a couple of nice trips.

Are those horses atop that wedding cake?

Suef said...

The photos are wonderful and the words that go with them! I love the little girl riding down the grassy hill. I hope she landed safely!

The Prude said...

Yes Lori, the couple getting married are both farriers!
And yes Sue, the little girl made it safely down the hill. I think I prayed the whole way down.