Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Rumble Strips on the Highway to You-Know-Where

The world has always needed prudes.
It has needed prudes to tell it to play fairly with others.
To not take what doesn’t belong to it.
To stop talking behind the backs of others, to chew with its mouth closed,
to not use such dreadful language.
The world needs a prude at its elbow to let it know when it is getting too big for its britches.
And speaking of britches, the prudes will gauge when the britches need to be less baggy or more loose so as not to reveal what shouldn’t be revealed.
We prudes like to think of ourselves as the rumble strips on the highway to you-know-where.
We can’t stop the world from tearing along Naughtiness Lane but we can make the trip a lot less comfortable.
I like to think of myself as your personal Prude. Not that you need one. You seem like a well-behaved bunch.
I want to provide a place for prudes to rally. To encourage each other. To know that, although prudes seem to be a tiny portion of the populace, we serve a vital function.
Who else will monitor clothing choices, points of etiquette, salty language, and general contrariness?
So, although the Prude will be taking a break until the Monday after Easter, she plans to return, Lord willing, with a whole new gaggle of disapprovals. And, because you are pretty fabulous, she hopes you do too.


ScheltyDebate said...

Love that prudes are the rumble strips of life's highway. I'll be looking forward to hearing you say in a tone every so slightly above what is an apropos inside voice, "Let's rumble!" after your break!

Lori Lipsky said...

Prude, I enjoy stopping by here each day. You will be missed, but I'll be back to check in after Easter. I hope you have a pleasant, Prude-ish break.

Susan said...

If you didn't write such an addictive blog, people would not mind sooo much when you took a well deserved break! ;)

bethBA said...

Oh, dear - are you giving us up for Lent (or/and taxes)? Well, I agree with Sandy - that it's because of your fun blog that there are so many of us. Do enjoy your time of refreshment and I pray it is the Lord's will for you to return! I'll be here waiting...

The Prude said...

You ladies- you are wonderful!!!!!!!

Suef said...

I am sorry you have to take a break! But OK, I understand. I'll be waiting too but it is going to seem kinda long.

Robin J. Steinweg said...


How very sad, Prude. I shall miss nodding my head vehemently in agreement with your Prudish posts.

But look forward to the first Monday after Easter!

Cheryl said...

Rumble strips-Brrrrrrrrrrrrbp.

The great pauses and shake-ups of life.

Will miss the prude's rumble, but am sure she will be storing up much to share over the next few weeks.
Later Prudette.

mom said...

I didn't even realize that Lent was sneaking up like that this year.....I think I'll go with Beth's idea and give up taxes this time

So, does this mean our Scrabble games are over for awhile, too?

Tammy ~@~

Joanie said...

We will miss you!