Friday, September 28, 2012

You light up my life, in a magnetic sort of way

My fridge with its dozens of magnets and flashlights up top.

I saw my new dream gift last night. It appeared halfway through the 4th set of commercials on the Perry Mason episode ‘The Case of the Flighty Father’ (1960).
That was never one of my favorite episodes because an elderly man is killed. Perry Mason is at his most rewarding when the victim is the snake in the grass type, or the poisonous home wrecker kind of woman.
But now? ‘The Case of the Flighty Father’ may move to my happy list because, halfway through that 4th set of commercials, it introduced me to iScope.

The iScope takes two of my favorite inanimate objects in the universe: a flashlight and a magnet, and combines them in one. It is the Fred Astaire-and-Ginger Rogers, the bacon-and-eggs, the pajama-and-party of the mineral world.
Better yet: It’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of Practical Living.

Here is what the object of my desire can do:
-shine a light 

-pick up metal objects

Oh sure. It can do other stuff. It extends from short to long, has a flexible head and if I buy one I get a second one absolutely free-ish. How much can extra shipping and handling be, right?

But that is all fluff. Magnets and flashlights draw me like a moth to the flame. Hahaha. Get it?
Anything that combines the two is double the pleasure, double the fun.
We have flashlights by our bed and on our fridge and in our vehicles. We own flashlights built into keychains and hats and drills and those things that will tap your way out your car window when you’ve driven into a river.
My refrigerator is covered with magnets and I have a book with magnet experiments.
When our boys were younger and my husband needed someone to use the magnetic nail finder after a roofing job I would threaten the boys with no dessert for a week unless they let me do it.

And now magnets and flashlights are joined in wedded bliss as iScope. I want one. Really badly. I won’t ask for anything else.
Especially not the Skin Tag Remover that can be seen halfway through the 5th set of Perry Mason commercials and combines two of my least favorite things: skin tags, and removal.
My Christmas list is set. Let me know if you want an iScope too. Because, you know, I can get that second one absolutely free.


Lori Lipsky said...

I thought my dad was the only one who had a flashlight by every bed, in every glove box, at the top of the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, behind the television, in each bathroom, next to the washer and dryer...

I hope you are able to get an iScope soon, Prude. It sounds pretty great.

Lisa Lickel said...

There are just way too many things under there I don't want to know about.

Sue Vick Finley said...

Another great one. Your blog that is. I almost want one too. Keep writing!