Thursday, September 6, 2012

Original Sin–Covered

For years this
hung in my youngest son’s room and I believed it was there:
a) as a testimony to my lack of concern for regular wall washing
b) for what I liked to believe were sentimental reasons– I drew this sometime in my late teens– and
c) because he displayed no interest in the latest decorating trends

But after looking at it for way too long and finally realizing that:
a) the drawing has more in common with new age or far eastern mysticism than it does biblical Christianity and
b) my youngest no longer occupies that bedroom and
c) maybe I should swipe the walls every decade or so

I decided to take it down.
And found this

behind it.

In wrath and hot displeasure I showed my husband.
He was irritatingly nonchalant.
“That happened when Son #2 tried to insert his brother, Son #3, through the wall and into the attic when they were wrestling.
It was easier to tell them to cover it than for me to fix it.”

This demonstrates that:
a) the only female in a house full of testosterone is always the outsider
b) men stick together in times of crisis involving drywall, and
c) I bragged way too much about how well my sons got along, even when I wasn’t looking. And how they respected personal property.

There is no doubt some depth of theological truth to be mined here, such as:
a) it demonstrates the futility of man-made attempts to cover sin,
b) the hole is a reminder that even little Christian boys are filled to the brim with original sin.
c) we need someone outside ourselves to fix our holes, and that “fix” was the opposite of easy for that Someone. It cost Him His life.

But for now my personal fixer has no time for hole-repair, so I will look for a suitable replacement to cover the hole and utter a prayer of gratitude that the wall Son #2 tried to propel his brother through wasn’t made of brick.


bethBA said...

Great object lesson: I vote to never "fix" it so that son #2 can show it to his "son" #1 and learn about our Heavenly Father's Son #1.

The Prude said...

Oh Beth! That is lovely!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

Now that my sides hurt from laughing, I'll take a break and thank you for the great post!

The construction expert really doesn't want to have to patch a hole in his own home--nor does the computer tech care to spend his off-hours fixing whatever his wife did to their computer--nor does the Maytag repairman have any desire to mend his own washer. Ha!

Mary said...

I think we all need to see what takes the place of the original art!

hrzlvr said...

Knowing your family personally makes this story even more dear but it is an object lesson crafted in heaven with the raw material of fallen creation. It was a pretty slick move to use your very own Jesus inspired creation to manipulate you. I can see Byron's goofy smile when he told you that he was part of the "secret". You need to come over and visit us and get a view of the other side of the coin, the estrogen overload of the home with 3 daughters! Different types of damage, not drywall so much. Unless, it is nail polish stains...

Lori Lipsky said...

I got such a kick out of this story. I wonder what I would find if I searched behind all the wall hangings in our home?