Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It’s a good thing the ebola virus is not cute and furry. I probably would be reluctant to kill it.
Many people of my generation could pass through the parallel world of anthropomorphic everything that Mr. Disney et. al. created and have the good sense to realize IT DOESN’T EXIST.
Little toasters do not weep bits of burned bread crumbs on the way to the trash heap.
Ants don’t form emotional attachments to one another, skunks don’t have low self-esteem, and misfit toys don’t comfort each other on Christmas Eve. I keep telling myself.
Some of you may be scoffing at me. Others, when about to put a trapped fly out of its misery, may hear a faint echo of “Help...meeeeee,’ tickle the eardrums.

SInce–when–Bambi? Peter Rabbit? cavorted  on the scene, the world is no longer divided into animal, vegetable and mineral. It is ALL animal. And not animal-like animals. People-like animals. People-like vegetables and people-like minerals.
Everything has a personality and to throw away anything constitutes murder, or, at best, abandonment.
Can anyone else see a possible root cause for hoarding here? I’m willing to bet 100% of hoarders saw an animated cartoon about a little book that no one loved anymore.
Or a Velveteen Rabbit.
And therein lies my uh-oh.
The rains have come and my garden stands a fighting chance.
But early last evening a squirming mass of fuzzy adorableness caught my eye. Further investigation revealed a nest packed full of warm, blind, helpless baby bunnies.
Right on the edge of our dog’s primary restroom. Which leads me to believe Mama Bunny either has damaged nasal sensors, or she is a woman of great courage.
See the ramifications of my childhood worldview?
I have endowed Mama Bunny with anthropomorphic emotions.
She is also a loving nurturing mother who worries about her babies and has high hopes for their future.
A future that involves garden-invasion and vegetable-pillaging.
We should ‘eliminate’ this future problem before the 5 little squirming sweethearts turn into 5 pudgy vandals. But we won’t.
Perhaps I can sit by the nest and convince the babies that stealing is naughty.
With the cautionary tale of what happened to Peter Rabbit’s father thrown in for good measure.


Lori Lipsky said...

Funny, Prude, but food for some deep thought.

Loved it!

Robin J. Steinweg said...

ACK! Fickle us. We hate the bunnies. Yet we welcome them: "Come, live, eat, reproduce with impunity."


Good post, Prude.

Sue Vick Finley said...

As you know my heart is completely hard now to bunnies. Great post and good luck with your garden!