Monday, July 2, 2012

Lemon-flavored Prude

I had some extra time this weekend.  OK.  I didn’t really have extra time. I had time I chose not to fill with bookkeeping tasks, messy drawer organization or exercise videos.
Changing up the look of my blog, however, seemed like an excellent use of stolen moments.

Three photos in my iPhoto library had potential. I opened them in Photoshop. I clone-stamped and cut and copied and cartooned. When I couldn’t figure out how to do a word bubble in photo editing I pasted the picture to a Word document. When I couldn’t figure out how to save the result as a JPEG file I TOOK A PHOTO OF IT FROM MY COMPUTER SCREEN. Oh yes, I know how to fool iPhoto.

And then I started messing with different format options on blogger.  What looked best with which photo? In the time it would have taken to clean every drawer in my house, catch up on all filing and bill-paying and do my 5-mile walk video, I had chosen a format and a photo. I put it all together, viewed it, and………….
The photo, the one I had  worked over so arduously, was displayed in such tiny proportions it would have been dwarfed by a postage stamp.
Why bother? So I threw over the entire homey, cozy, clever-photo-topped format and chose a trendy Dynamic View.
Because when you think Prude, you think Dynamic. And trendy.

But I refuse to let all that work go to waste. Here are my top contenders. You would have had one of these staring back at you every time you opened ‘The Prude Disapproves’.
Maybe forced change isn’t so bad.

The patriotic one. This took SO MUCH TIME

Via vacation via camera via iPhoto via Photoshop via word processor via camera via iPhoto

The 'awwwwww' one


Lori Lipsky said...

Hello frustrated Prude. Hang in there.

I especially liked the top photo.

It took me half a minute to find this post...the post first appeared as a mosaic of many photos. I had to click on classic view and then it revealed itself.

Sue Vick Finley said...

I think your frustrations a all worth it when you can post a humorous Prude about it. This was great and the photos just as great.

Lori Lipsky said...

Just tried again and the post showed up right off the bat. Hurray.

Susan said...

Hahaha. I laugh at your expense (and clever writing), and feel a little better about my own "wasted time".

Robin J. Steinweg said...

How can I ever bear to banish a dust bunny again? I had no idea how adorable they are! Prude, I'm with you--it's better to mess about with photos in blogs than to chase away Snicker-like dust bunnies and clean drawers.

hrzlvr said...

Dynamic and trendy are indeed the words that pop to mind when I read the Prude. Of'course dynamic and trendy are perspective driven. I live in a vacuum. Creative and goofy also pop to mind for some odd reason.

bethBA said...

Well, Prudie, thnx for justifying my stolen moments. You are, however, far more talented than I in your use of them. I like photo #1 and #3!

The Prude said...

I don't know ladies. To be true Prude-encouragers you should be telling to to polish my windows with newspaper or buff the family shoes.
hrzlvr- nice to see you!

The Prude said...

telling 'ME to polish etc etc