Thursday, July 12, 2012

Getting to Know You

Here’s an interesting fact:
While the vast majority of those who read ‘The Prude Disapproves’ come from
the United States, the second largest readership is from...wait for it...

Who in Russia
(or Germany or The Philippines
or Chile)
is reading ‘The Prude Disapproves'?
This is a burning question for me.
The next burning question is, 

‘Why is Canada all the way down at #7?'
Really, Canada?

So now I’m curious.
Are my stats correct?
Do people from around the world really read ‘The Prude Disapproves’? Or
does some innocent reader in Chile mis-type ‘prune’, run across this blog, and in befuddlement try to figure out where the prune recipe is hiding?

Let’s try a bold experiment.
Could you tell me where you are from in the comments?
I know it isn’t easy to leave a comment.
But if you are willing and able I’d love to hear about you, even if you have never commented before.

To my dear friends who encourage me every day– I know who you are, but hope you still stop by and say hello.
You have blessed me beyond belief.

OK. Let’s give this a try. Who are you? Where are you from? And what does Canada have against Prudes?


Sue Vick Finley said...

I'm a know who I am where I'm from...but I am looking forward to reading replies from around the world!

The Prude said...

Me too Sue. But I am already prepared for it to be 'just' our regulars. Which surprisingly would be OK, since the regulars are so wonderful.

ScheltyDebate said...

I'm from close, close, close by your house. I know Isaac has someone from one of the Scandinavian countries who has read his blog and Alaska, which although American, is far away. lol

Nicole Wetzel said...

Madison, Wisconsin! Imagine that! I do have Scandinavian blood if that counts for anything.

Lori Lipsky said...

Hi Prude! I'm also from close by.

The #2 readership on my blog is Canada and Russia is way down there, so we are opposites. Yesterday a reader from Namibia dropped by, so that was fun.

Robin J. Steinweg said...

The closest I've probably gotten to Alaska's near neighbor is when I watched my first Bond flick at almost my infanthood: To Russia With Love.

I'm from a lovely little town in south-central Wisconsin, U.S.A.

I love the Prude, but am not too wild about prunes.

Lynn Rawhouser said...

Well, I'm from Rio, Wisconsin. BUT,can we pretend it's really the much more exotic De Jineiro variety???

The Prude said...

The nicest people do seem to congregate in south central Wisconsin :)

stephseef said...

I'm so close I could peek in the windows. :)

bethBA said...

Well... I'm FROM San Diego, CA, but I'm reading this FROM Stillwater, MN, where I moved to FROM McFarland, WI. Take your pick!