Friday, July 6, 2012

Bring me back my 4th

My mother-in-law worked in the school system and always said that once 4th of July is over, summer goes by at top speed.
June draws out its bit of summer and arranges each moment in slow succession and for utmost enjoyment. July picks up momentum and by the time August gallops on the scene entire days are tossed in a compression chamber and emerge on Labor Day as a sun-and-heat-weary blur.
If the drought continues in my neck of the woods, it's possible that July and August won't go by fast enough.
But still.
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Flowers in the ditches are oblivious to drought

Hay made while the sun shines
Patriotic in-laws

Patriotic kids
More patriotic kids
Patriotic doll.
My husband wore an orange shirt for fireworks and thus is banned from the album of the 4th.

We usually sit here for fireworks. It was closed off and firetrucks surrounded it

The Road Runner showed up
My favorite: the bursts that turned into fireflies. Although they look more like aggressive constellations here
What happens when an inexperienced photographer changes the settings on her camera
My July baby waiting for his already damaged cake to burst in air.

  May your summer 2012 be worth the remembering.


Robin J. Steinweg said...

Prude, much as I enjoyed the family shots and reveled in the fireworks, that last photo is a stunner! I appreciate your post. Buy hubby a new shirt.

stephseef said...

Can't believe you had fireworks! Jealous. Yesterday a farmer on the news said he's 10 days away from losing his whole crop. Praying for rain!!

Susan said...

"My husband wore an orange shirt for the fireworks, and thus was banned..." Love it!!

Sue Vick Finley said...

I loved the whole thing! It is so great to see your family since I don't see them in person much any more. And the last photo is fantastic!

Lori Lipsky said...

We missed seeing any fireworks this year, so thank you for sharing yours! I enjoyed every bit of your post, especially husband's orange shirt.

Sue Vick Finley said...

P.S. The fire work shot were spectacular!