Friday, June 1, 2012

Another week bites the dust

What a blessing digital photography is for those of us whose right foot doesn't remember what their left foot did yesterday! When I wonder how on earth another week could be over, and squint my brain to remember what happened, I just need to look at the time stamp on the photos and,–tada! That's where I was!
I remember vividly that I was at a wedding Friday. A couple from England was there and I got a glimpse of my first fascinator on American soil. Next year we'll all be wearing these.

Saturday we went to a graduation. They had, in addition to the requisite fun and food and fellowship,
And flowers.
We brought my little dog along too, and she was happy...
...until she met up with her equal but opposite reaction.
I know Sunday and Monday happened but I have no photographic evidence to back up the fact.
Tuesday, however, I had a fun photoshoot with my sweet niece, who willingly leaned against old buildings, perched on bridges and picnic tables, and crouched under an old-school playground slide.
While in her quaint little hometown, she introduced me to the original advertising sign on the side of the old movie theater.
Wednesday brought me to a wonderful little restaurant in another quaint town with wonderful friends.
It is along the Wisconsin River and when we're lucky we see eagles. Wednesday was an eagle-free day but the Wisconsin River showed up right on schedule.
Thursday obviously occurred because today is Friday, but you couldn't prove it by me. And if I don't just want the calendar's word for it that there was a Friday, June 1, I better get snapping. Have a delightful and memorable weekend!


Robin J. Steinweg said...

Dearest Prude,
Though the fascinator does just that on such a sweet young thing, you might not see one on me next spring or EVER. But your post is wonderful--Abbie Grace could be the next Vanna White!

And the Blue Spoon (in scenic Prairie du Sac) will always be a classy place to find fine food and sit and watch the Wisconsin flow by. (hometown pride, ya know):)

Lori Lipsky said...

It must be the curious in me that enjoys hearing about other people's lives. I did have fun hearing about your week and viewing the corresponding photographs.

The fascinator was fascinating and the young woman pulled it off beautifully. Your niece looked oh-so-pretty in blue. Well done on the photos. There's nothing like a river view, and Bonny-the-doggie is always a favorite. Loved the goats and flower, too. Loved it all.

Susan said...

Bonny does look like the essence of happy in her happy picture!

Joanie said...

Busy, fun weeks! Gotta love them!

Sue Vick Finley said...

"squint my brain"... undoubtedly I will have to squint MY brain when I try to remember this very quotable phrase. I love it.