Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The one-dimensional Prude

You’ve heard of creative juices?
Lately, to my dismay, I’ve discovered I have creative juice.
You’ve heard of getting the creative juices flowing?
Lately I’m having difficulty getting the juice to dribble.

Sometimes the juice droplets find the blogging outlet.
They seep out, a few molecules at a time, into a post.
Thankfully the posts only need to be written a few times a week
and the juices have time to be replenished from some as-yet undiscovered
miniature spring in the core of my creative self.

But what happens when a new outlet opens up?
Say, taking photographs at the homeschool graduation?

The creative juice droplets make their paltry way to the new outlet.
They trickle out through the shutter finger, along to the ‘stand here and smile’ directives
and finally into the photoshop manipulations.

In the meantime, the blogging outlet is dry as a bone.
But do I suffer?
Not a bit.
With only trace amounts of creativity at my disposal, I am happy to let it seep where it will.

My creativity and I had a blast taking the graduation photos, ordering people to smile and keep their eyes open, and editing to my heart’s content.

Maybe when I’m finished with the photos the creativity will have bubbled back up and I’ll come up with blogging ideas.

Unless, of course, I take up knitting.


Robin J. Steinweg said...

O thou most bless-ed of Prudes, hast thou not heard, hast thou not seen that creativity
multiplies e'en faster than the
homeschoolers thou hast captured

You'll be fine!

Susan said...

Your graduation pictures are great. But are you sure that it is creativity that you are lacking, rather than time?

Sue Vick Finley said...

One woman's dribble is another woman's geyser. This post about your dribble of creativity is bubbling with fun.