Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Green. Beware.

If The Prude's dog Bonny could use a keyboard, the following would be her post:
Something big and green is on my picnic table. It doesn't belong there.
It's looking at me
I'll just hide behind this chair
It's looking at me again
I'll give my warning bark
And... it's still looking at me.
Green is coming closer.
I'll sniff the end that can't see. It smells like no hind side I have ever met.
That end can't see me, silly. I'm 100% sure that end can't see me.
Well. Maybe 99%.
But no worries. I see it has gone where all things evil and green go to die. Burn, evil Green. Burn.


ScheltyDebate said...

I love this! : ) Too funny!

Hope46 said...

Had she never seen a zucchini before? That is hilarious!:-)

bethBA said...

Very funny!
BTW, I saw Bonny starring in a TV ad where she was groomed in a national pet store chain (not that Bonny needed it). Is it showing down there or only where she thinks she won't be recognized? Didn't know she was moon-lighting - maybe earning her keep??