Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Pair and a Spare

Here are my three slow cookers.
Why, you may wonder, would a woman whose children no longer live at home need so many slow cookers?
Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Slow Cooker?
It is linked to my obsessive need for a spare of almost everything.
Because you NEVER KNOW.
I don’t keep the little coffee pot in the background solely for its looks. If my Bunn breaks down on the same day all the Starbucks go out of business, we’ll still have our morning brew.

In my walk-in pantry are 3 lunch pails for my 1 husband, 2 coffee thermoses, 2 coffee carafes, FOUR igloo water coolers of various shapes and colors, and 2 sets of mixing bowls for a Kitchen Aid. This does not include the half dozen mixing bowls in my kitchen cupboards.
Is there room for food?
Not hardly.

On the premise that one can never have enough serving spoons I own 8.  2 full sets of pots and pans, including 6 frying pans live in my kitchen. Need a 9x13? I have 5. You can borrow one, but bring it back or I’ll have to buy another.

Like attracts like.
In the garage you can visit my husband’s baker’s dozen 32-gallon trash cans, his million-and-a-half nails and screws, two table saws and his THIRTEEN hand saws.
Granted, the man is a contractor. But he only has 2 hands, for pity’s sake.
He also has close to fifty 5-gallon pails with lids but he has my blessing for those.
If our power ever goes out and we can’t use our toilets I have a nice little pail-sized seat.
When finished all we need to do is put the lid on and bury the pail 100 feet deep. Good thing my man also has 15 shovels, spades and hoes.

Don’t worry that we are hoarders. All our stuff works. We use (most of) it. And if we wanted to we could get rid of our spares any time.
But we’ll hang onto them for now.
Because you never know when you’ll need 6 frying pans and 13 handsaws.


bethBA said...

This is soooo funny!! And I so identify - although most of my spares are limited to one. But don't ask me how many file cabinets, boxes and bins I have of music because I never know when I'll need to pull out something from the past...

However, recently I spent a frustrating week sorting and packing my mother's 84 years of life as we prepared to move her from the home she's had for the past 55 years and move her one time zone away to live with one of my sisters. I decided I didn't want to put my children through the same thing. I need to get on it before I lose my momentum and the expertise gained to differentiate between usefulness and sentimentality. The sentimentality items will be displayed now or given to my children to deal with! And if they chose to toss them now at least I won't be there to watch!

Hope46 said...

Do you have extra stock pots? I do not have enough right now to keep up with all the stock-making and other canning/cooking I am doing.:-)

Sue Vick Finley said...

I will no longer wish I had a spare...I will just borrow from you!! (I love your writing.)

Lori Lipsky said...

I love it, Prude. This sounds normal to me. It's how I grew up. No need to run to the store when the coffee carafe, the toaster or the electric fry pan break. Just run down to the basement for the next one.