Monday, April 25, 2011

Back in Business

Didn’t that little break from The Prude feel good?
Couldn’t  you merrily saunter through your day with no Prude making disapproving noises over your shoulder?
Wasn’t there great pleasure in ignoring verbs and their parses, pronouns and their antecedents, prepositions and their objects?
Weren’t you achieving resigned peace with baggy male pants?

But The Prude missed you. She is back with her customary earth-friendly fabric bag of disapprovals, adverbs, and odd photographs.

But what is that tucked in among all her standard post topics?
Is that some organization in there?
And–yes!– it looks as though she included a commitment to shorter posts!

The Prude saw the light over the last several weeks. Order, method and brevity are her new watchwords and by-laws.
Here is a peek at what you can expect here at The Prude Disapproves:

 On Global Village Monday we attempt to fix all the world’s problems by
a firm lecture and a possible time out.
The Tuesday Stew may or may not include recipes, guest bloggers, or whatever is getting the Prude’s goat)
Readin, Writin, and Rithmetic Wednesdays-  You already know the Prude loves grammar. She is expanding her horizons to include rhymin and histRy
Quirks of the Cosmos Thursdays will assess pop culture and possibly provide a chance for you to weigh in with some quirks observed. (unfortunately however, The Prude has not yet tamed her Comment Dragon)
Photojournalism Fridays will hearken to mind ‘Life’ or ‘People’ magazine, or a prudish version of ‘The National Enquirer’. Lots of pictures, few words.

Hope to see you tomorrow for the Tuesday Stew!


Lori said...

I am quite happy you're back, dear Prude. I have missed you, but am glad you had your well-deserved break. Your Facebook witticisms kept me going.
Oh boy, the weekly line-up looks exciting. Happy Monday!

Wallydraigle said...

Yaaaaay! I was growing to despise that little picture of the cute eggs. I do my Internet reading by pulling open whole folders of bookmarks at a time, so every time I'd get to the Prude's tab, there were those eggs, mocking me. I'm glad you're back, and I LOVE the new banner picture. Is that a real town?

The Prude said...

Thank you Lori!
Wally, it only took an hour and a half of sweating and squinting over Photoshop to change 'Bosstown' to 'Prudetown'
And that is how I spend the precious hours of my day.

Tammy said...

Whew! All is well the world again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Prudie! I missed your great wit!