Monday, March 7, 2011

The Prude helps the Cubs win the World Series

A cute, non-confrontational Chicago Cub
Here is a sad little story.
The Chicago Cubs are a major league baseball team. They have a rich heritage, a beautiful, vintage ballpark and an abysmal record in the World Series.
They can’t win it.
They can barely get a foot in the playoff door.

Why? Everyone asks.
Is it daytime baseball?
The lack of renovations at Wrigley Field?
Poor management?
The Curse of the Billy Goat?

Why? Why can’t the Cubs win a World Series?

Why don’t they ask The Prude?

It has nothing to do with jinx-casting billy goats.
It is not the fault of daytime baseball, or lack of millionaires in the lineup.

The problem is
The Name.
Squinch up your eyes and get a mental image of the some other Chicago team names:
Bears,  Bulls, Black Hawks.
And what do you picture when you hear these threatening names:
 Do you have those powerful images in your brain?
Good. They are a little intimidating, right?

Now conjure up everything associated with a cub. Contrast the images. Which one causes you more fear and trembling?

You see The Prude’s point.
No team whose name brings thoughts of cuddly little defenseless critters romping around dead tree stumps is ever going to be effective in the dog-eat-cub world of Major League Baseball.
Until the Cubs admit they need a new name (The Prude doesn’t recommend they return to their original moniker ‘White Stockings’) they won’t win a World Series.

The Prude is leaning toward ‘The Ruffians’
Any other ideas?

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